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The services

We look forward to creating a memorable culinary experience for you and your guests.
The Chef will come to your vacation place around La Costa Brava so you can have a stress-free experience at your vacation place. Find out how:

Contact the Chef

Get in touch with the Chef to arrange all the details, including the menu, in order to devise fully custom-tailored meals based on your needs.

we cater for special diets and food allergies. 

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Vegetales orgánicos


The Chef will buy all the ingredients at the best local markets and suppliers to work out the agreed services. He works exclusively with the finest quality, locally sourced, sustainable and organic ingredients. 

He will bring everything to your place to prepare the meals. 


The chef will take care of everything related to the meals using the most respectful cooking techniques. 
Meanwhile you can spend quality time with your family, entertain your guests or watch and learn new recipes as he cooks up a delicious meals. 

Pescado y Lima

Enjoy the experience

Taste the unique gastronomic experience that the chef has prepared for you and your guests. 

Once the chef has finished cooking, he will make sure to leave the kitchen in the same conditions has he found it. 

Just keep on having a relaxed time and don't worry about anything else. 

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